Frequent question: What Pokemon can use Electrium Z?

What happened to Ash’s Electrium Z?

In the anime

In Alola to New Adventure!, Ash received an Electrium Z with his Z-Ring from Tapu Koko. It shattered after Ash performed Gigavolt Havoc with Pikachu in the following episode.

What does Electrium Z do?

It converts Z-Power into crystals that upgrade Electric-type moves to Electric-type Z-Moves. Electrium Zs are Z-Crystals that allow the holder to use Z-Move versions of their Electric-type moves.

How many Pokemon can use Z-moves?

There are eighteen Z-Moves based on type, and seventeen Z-Moves exclusive to a species. The base power and category are based on the move of the said type the user is holding. Damaging Z-Moves never miss. A Pokémon cannot fully protect itself from damaging Z-Moves, taking 25% of the usual damage.

Can raichu use Pikanium Z?

In Sun and Moon, Pikachu evolves into something special — the Alolan Raichu. This dual-type is Psychic/Electric, and likes to ride the waves on its large, flat tail. NOTE: Evolving Pikachu into Alolan Raichu will remove Pikachu’s Z-Move — Alolan Raichu cannot use the Pikanium-Z crystal.

Can Pikachu use a Steelium Z?

In the anime

A Steelium Z appeared in A Grand Debut!, where Hapu presented Ash with a box full of type-specific Z-Crystals and allowed him to choose one of them as his prize for defeating her. Ash let Pikachu make the choice, and he chose the Steelium Z.

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Can Z-moves miss?

Z-Moves cannot miss. They have an accuracy stat of 101, which is the same as “–” but written differently because Game Freak does Game Freak things.

Who can use Mewnium Z?

The Mewnium Z is only available for Pokémon Sun and Moon, meaning you won’t be able to download it to X and Y, or Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire.

Do Z-moves always go first?

Damaging Z-Moves do not inherit any other properties from the original move, so they have neutral priority and do not have the additional effects of the base move.


Base move power Z-Move power
70-75 140
80-85 160
90-95 175
100 180

Does Ash have a Firium Z?

Later in the episode, Ash received his own Firium Z from a Totem Trevenant after helping to remove the Cutiefly that had gotten stuck in its branches, with Kukui revealing that he had obtained his Firium Z from it as well.

What is Lycanroc Z-move?

Generation VII. Z-Crystals. The Lycanium Z (Japanese: ルガルガンZ Lugarugan Z) is a type of Z-Crystal introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It is a Pokémon-specific Z-Crystal associated with Lycanroc and allows it to upgrade its Stone Edge into the special Z-Move Splintered Stormshards.