Frequent question: What level does Tangela evolve in Pokemon Quest?

Is Tangela worth evolving Pokemon go?

In the main series games, Tangrowth evolves when a Tangela is leveled up while knowing Ancient Power. The evolution of Tangela to Tangrowth is likely to cost 50 candies.

Tangrowth in the Meta.

Grass Type Sceptile
Max CP 2584
Attack 223
Defense 180
Stamina 140

Does porygon evolve in Pokemon Quest?

Evolution. Porygon does not evolve.

Is Tangrowth good in PvP?

Tangrowth can be used in the Great League from level 18 to level 20. Tangrowth’s best PvP IVs in the Great League are 1 / 15 / 15 at level 18.5.

Is Tangela a good Pokemon?

Tangela is a good defensive Pokemon in NU, with Eviolite to bolster its already good defenses, a high Defense stat allowing it to wall most threats, and Regenerator to make up for its lack of Leftovers recovery.

Does Onix evolve in Pokemon Quest?

Evolution. Onix does not evolve.

Is Porygon2 a Pokemon Quest?

How to evolve Porygon in Pokemon Quest. The Porygon evolution level requires the Pokémon holding an Up-Grade while being traded. This evolution transforms Porygon into Porygon2.

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