Frequent question: What do you do after you beat the Pokemon League in diamond?

Where do I go after beating Cynthia?

There’s still plenty to do after beating the Elite Four. A whole new island known as the Battle Zone becomes available to you, so to get there, take the ferry from Snowpoint City. Cynthia will talk to you briefly before you board.

Do the elite four get stronger in diamond?

1 Answer. The league will only grow stronger once. After you defeat them for the first time, their levels increase too around Lv75-80. After that however, they do not grow any stronger.

Where is Barry post game?

After the player completes the Stark Mountain sidequest, Barry can be found at the Survival Area every day, but can only be battled on weekends.

What do you do after you beat the Elite Four in diamond?

After beating the Elite 4, you can get the National Pokedex by having SEEN all 150 Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex.

1 Answer

  1. Fly to Eternea City and go to the Old Chateau. …
  2. Fly to Veilstone City and walk south onto Route 214. …
  3. Fly to Pal Park and talk with Professor Oak, who is milling about outside to get the Poke Radar.
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What to do before beating the elite four in Pearl?

Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, And Platinum: 10 Tips For Taking On The Elite 4

  1. 4 For Bertha, Take Advantage Of The Grass-Type.
  2. 5 For Aaron, Take A Strong Flying or Rock-Type. …
  3. 6 Create A Balanced Team. …
  4. 7 Make Sure To Have A Couple Of Useful Berries. …
  5. 8 Stock Up On Healing Items. …
  6. 9 Heal The Party Before Going In. …
  7. 10 Train, Train, Train. …

How do I get to Route 224 in Pokemon Diamond?

Route 224 becomes available after you’ve obtained the National Dex. Fly to the Pokemon League and equip yourself for a long journey. You’ll need Surf, Waterfall, Rock Climb, Strength and Defog. Head to the exit of Victory Road and cross the bridge to the south.

How do you get past the fight area in Pokemon Platinum?

3 Answers. Beat the pokemon league and find your friend in snowpoint city and talk to him>He will take you to the Fight area. Go right through Fight Area to the next route and you’ll be in resort Area.

How do you solve the turnback cave?

In Platinum, after beating or catching Giratina in the Distortion World, a portal will bring to Sendoff Spring. Until the player character beats her, Cynthia will be blocking the entrance to Turnback Cave. To get there, the player character must go to Veilstone City. Then goes to the south exit, which is Route 214.

Can you heal between elite four battles?

There’s no resting and healing in between. The Elite Four are very deliberately tough, the final test of a trainer — to the point where often, the champion is easier to beat.

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How many full heals does Cynthia have?

One thing to keep in mind, also—all of the trainers will use at least one Full Restore in battle. This is, of course, a major pain… but don’t get too frustrated! Just wait until Champion Cynthia uses four or five!

Is volkner Barry’s dad?

Nope. Barry’s dad is actually the head of the Battle Tower – the Tower Tycoon.

Is turtwig a Pokemon?

Turtwig (Japanese: ナエトル Naetle) is a Grass-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves into Grotle starting at level 18, which evolves into Torterra starting at level 32.