Frequent question: What are Mewtwo’s moves?

What are all the moves Mewtwo can learn?

Moves. Upon capture, Mewtwo knows Amnesia, Guard Swap, Power Swap, and Psycho Cut. One level later, it learns Psychic, which is essential to any non-physical Mewtwo.

What moves hurt Mewtwo?


Mewtwo is a pure Psychic-type Pokémon, which makes it weak to Bug, Dark and Ghost-type attacks. It also resists Psychic and Fighting-type attacks, so players will want to avoid using Pokémon that use those moves.

Can scizor beat Mewtwo?

Scizor. Scizor is a better bug type to use in battle against Mewtwo. … Scizor also has access to the dark-type attack Night Slash, another good move to use against Mewtwo.

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