Frequent question: How much does it cost to max an item in Pokemon unite?

How much can you upgrade held items Pokemon unite?

You can level up every held item with item enhancers to increase their stats and passive effects. Each item can be enhanced up to grade 30. Item enhancers can be earned as in-game rewards, or you can purchase them from Aeos Emporium with Aeos tickets.

How do you upgrade items in Unite?

Once you reach trainer level 9, you may upgrade your items in the Items screen. You can access the Items screen from the Battle Preparation menu. You will need to obtain Item Upgrade Kits from the Item Store for 10 tickets each, or via rewards.

How many item enhancers do you need for Level 20?

Pokemon Unite Held Items upgrade costs

Held Items Item Enhancers Needed to Upgrade
Level 19 65
Level 20 80
Level 21 100
Level 22 120

What level should I upgrade my Pokemon unite?

Pokemon Unite players will have to reach Trainer Level 9 to unlock the ability to upgrade held items. You can do this simply by playing games. This earns players the experience points needed to reach new levels. Once you have reached Trainer Level 9, go to the main screen of Pokemon Unite.

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Can you buy item enhancers Pokemon unite?

Pokémon UNITE offers Item Enhancers for sale in the Aeos Emporium for a price of ten Aeos Tickets each. Alternatively, players can purchase them with Aeos Gems with a single Gem for each Enhancer. You can also earn Item Enhancers by leveling up your trainer, completing events and missions in-game.

Why is Pokemon unite pay to win?

The Pokémon Unite pay to win mechanic stems from how these Item Enhancers are obtained and how much of an advantage they give to those who upgrade Held Items faster than the non-paying public.

How do I get more item enhancers unite?

The main way to get Item Enhancers is by purchasing them using Aeos Tickets in the in-game store. They can be bought in the Aeos Emporium in the Items section for 10 Aeos Tickets each.

What is the fastest way to upgrade items in Pokemon unite?

Pokemon Unite: How to upgrade held items the fastest

  1. Get a triple-20 as soon as you can. …
  2. The economy of Pokemon Unite upgrade item enhancers and tickets. …
  3. Leveling up your trainer. …
  4. The season pass free or premium track.