Frequent question: How do you fly in Pokemon Revolution Online?

Can you use fly outside of battle in Pokémon Revolution?

No, you cannot use Fly outside of battle. There are, however, transportation systems that enable you to move around regions and cities.

How do I use HM fly?

Once you’ve earned the rights to Fly out of battle, just teach it to an applicable flying Pokémon, select your Pokémon and go to “USE A MOVE”, then Fly. Now you can instantly (if you ignore the slightly overlong flying animation) fly to any town or city you’ve already visited!

Where is the TM Fly?

To get the Fly TM, you are going to have to play the game for a bit and acquire the first three badges in the game. After getting the third badge, you will head to the Wild Area with the goal of heading to Hammerlocke.

How do you get false swipe in Pokémon Revolution Online?

You can purchase a False Swipe TM in the following locations:

  1. Route 48 for 4,000.
  2. Lilycove City Department Store for 5,000.
  3. Veilstone City Department Store for 4,000.
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Can you catch moltres in Pokemon Revolution?

Moltres is a dual-type Fire / Flying Pokémon. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon. Along with Zapdos and Articuno, it is one of the three Legendary birds of Kanto.


#146 Moltres
Rarity Tier 10 Catch rate 3/255 (0.39%)
Base stats HP 90 Atk 100 Def 90 Sp.Atk 125 Sp.Def 85 Spd 90 Base-stat total: 580

Can you play Pokemon Revolution with friends?

In order to add friends, you can type /friend in the in-game chat. Do note that using the command on a friend who is online will remove from your friend’s list. Alternatively, you can right click on your friend’s name in chat or on his character in-game and select the “Friend” option to add him.

Can gyarados learn fly?

It’s still hotly debated why Gyarados is a Flying-type Pokémon when it would arguably be better suited as a Dragon- or Dark-type, but either way, it can still learn Flying-type moves like Hurricane and Bounce. This is why trainers may be surprised to realize it’s unable to learn the move Fly.

Does thunder hit Pokemon using fly?

Thunder can hit Pokémon during the semi-invulnerable turn of Fly, Bounce, and Sky Drop.

Is fly in sun and moon?

In a potentially huge shake-up for the Pokémon series, upcoming games Sun and Moon look like they’ll ditch HMs in the traditional sense. … The full game will offer Charizard to replace Fly and a Lapras to replace Surf, among others. These are not part of your squad but can be summoned at any time.

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What level does Paras learn sleep powder Pokemon Revolution?


Level Moves Accuracy
2 Sleep Powder 75
6 Poison Powder 75
6 Stun Spore 75
11 Absorb 100

Where do you get rock smash in Revolution online?

There is an NPC in one of the houses in Oreburgh City that will sell Rock Smash for $5,000.

How do you evolve scyther pro?

Scyther is a Bug and Flying-type Pokémon. It evolves into Scizor when traded holding a Metal Coat.