Does Pokémon Blue work on GBA SP?

Are there any Pokemon that work on the Game Boy Advance?

Does Pokémon Crystal work on GBA SP?

This game works on the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Advance SP systems. It does not work with the Micro or any kind of Nintendo DS.

Can a Game Boy Color trade with a Gameboy SP?

No , it is impossible. GameFreak made it so you cannot trade between Gen 1-2 (Gameboy Color) and the later games. Furthermore, you cannot trade at all between those consoles since there isn’t a cable for it.

Does Pokémon Blue work on Game Boy Color?

So the Game Boy Color came out in 1998 during the Pokémon craze! … You have to remember, the Game Boy had the green screen and games weren’t in color. Pokémon Red and Blue did not have any color added to them.

Can you play Pokemon Red on SP?

When playing Red or Blue on a Game Boy Advance or SP, the standard GBA/SP link cable will not work; players must use the Nintendo Universal Game Link Cable instead. … Red and Blue are incompatible with the Pokémon games of the later “Advanced Generation” for the Game Boy Advance and GameCube.

Can the original Gameboy play Pokémon?

You can play the original Pokemon games on any of: Gameboy / Gameboy Pocket. Gameboy Color (English Pokemon Yellow will appear in full color, Red/Blue/Green will have simulated coloring based on the pallete settings on boot up.) Super Gameboy (An accessory for the Super Nintendo.

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