Does Ice beat Fire Pokémon?

Is Ice stronger than fire Pokemon?

Ice’s weaknesses are negligible, for the most part, because you won’t see much of the three types of Pokémon whose attacks are strong against them: Fighting, Fire, and Rock. … Fire and Rock are weak to the most prolific element, Water, which three of the five Ice types carry as a subtype.

Is Ice good against fire?

Ice Pokemon are weak against Fighting, Fire, Rock and Steel types. What are Ice Pokemon strong against? Ice Pokemon are strong against Dragon, Flying, Grass and Ground types.

What kills Fire Pokemon?

Fire Types: The Fire type pokemon are very effective against Grass, Bug, Ice and Steel type pokemon. While weak to Water, Ground and Rock types. Example – Arcanine will die very easy to a Golem, Blastoise or Sandslash but can kill Venusaur, Steelix, Avalugg and Scyther very easy.

What is the weakness of ice in Prodigy?


Element Commonly Found Location Weaknesses
Ice Shiverchill Mountains Fire Shadow
Earth Firefly Forest Fire, Shadow
Storm Skywatch Ice, Shadow
Shadow Crystal Caverns Astral

Does rock resist ice?

Offensively, Rock is great, being super-effective against four types: Bug, Flying, Fire, and Ice. Luckily, it actually has an equal number of resistances and weaknesses, with four again. Rock-type Pokemon will resist Fire, Flying, Normal, and Poison.

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What is the rarest Pokemon?

We’ll update this guide as things change, but in August 2021 the rarest Pokémon you can potentially get your hands on are:

  • Meloette.
  • Shiny Mew.
  • Meinfoo.
  • Delibird.
  • Yamask.
  • Armoured Mewtwo.
  • Spiritomb.
  • Wash Rotom.

What Pokemon kills Electric?

Pokémon Type Effectiveness and Weakness Chart

Electric Flying, Water Dragon, Electric, Grass, [GROUND]
Ground Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel Bug, [FLYING], Grass
Rock Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice Fighting, Ground, Steel
Ice Dragon, Flying, Ground, Grass Fire, Ice, Steel, Water
Steel Fairy, Ice, Rock Electric, Fire, Steel, Water