Do Pokemon packs weigh different?

Do Pokemon packs weigh anymore?

The consensus is no, but plenty of people still believe you can weigh packs to get the chase cards (and to be clear, I am talking about the standard booster packs, you *can* weigh the 3-card dollar packs and find the HR/UR/SR cards).

What does it mean when Pokemon packs are weighed?


If one goes into a store and buys a pack, the thing they are paying for is a one in three chance to get a holographic or EX/GX card. Weighing packs removes that chance that people are paying for, and therefore fits the textbook definition of scamming.

Can you weigh evolving skies?

We used a highly sensitive digital scale to get an accurate weight for each pack. The Evolving Skies pack weight ranged from 21g to 23g.

How heavy is a heavy base set pack?

This pack weighs approx 22 grams which makes it “Heavy”.

Can XY evolutions packs be weighed?

Absolutely not – We do not weigh or search any packs as our feedback shows with people getting great pulls. Thanks! 1 of 2 found this helpful.

Can Japanese Pokemon packs be weighed?

Yes, they can be weighed. Modern Japanese packs are especially susceptible to being weighed because they have a small number of cards, so the difference in weight from a holo to a non-holo is more distinct.

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Can hidden fates be weighed?

The heaviest packs may have a regular GX or Holo with a reverse holo but packs with a shiny GX and non holo rare have still been weighed fairly light. they are weighable. make sure you get something from a trustworthy website or is completely sealed. No they are not, don’t spread misinformation.

What Pokemon pack should I buy?

10 Best Pokemon Booster Boxes & Elite Trainer Boxes to Buy 2021

  • Pokemon Celebrations 25th Anniversary Set. …
  • 2021 Evolving Skies Booster Box. …
  • 2019 Sun & Moon Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Boxes. …
  • 2016 XY Evolutions Booster Boxes. …
  • 2016 XY Generations Elite Trainer Boxes. …
  • 2020 Sword & Shield Series Champion’s Path Elite Trainer Box.

Can battle styles be weighed?

In conclusion our weight experiment suggests that the Battle Styles pack weight makes little difference to the pull rate. From the 5 x 22g packs we pulled 1 Secret Rare and 1 Half Art card, a 40% pull rate.