Do Japanese people say Pokémon?

Are Pokemon names different in Japan?

Even in Generation 1 alone, Pokémon names in Japan are often completely different from their English counterparts. … The name is a portmanteau of two Japanese onomatopoeias: pikapika for something sparkly, and chuuchuu for the sound a mouse makes, so Pikachu’s name actually makes a lot of sense.

Is it pronounced Pokemon or Pokemon?

We realize there are slight variations between how Japanese and Americans pronounce it, but neither pronounce it po-KEE-mon. The true pronunciation is po-KAY-mon, or po-KAH-mon, both propagated by the cartoon, which is available on Netflix just in case you need a refresher.

How do you spell Pikachu?

The name Pikachu is a portmanteau of the words, pika, an onomatopoeia in the Japanese language for a spark or a sparkle of lightning, and chuu, a Japanese onomatopoeia for the squeak made by a mouse.

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