Can you spoof Pokemon Go on PC?

Part 5: How to Play Pokemon Go on Computer with a Screen Mirror

Is it possible to spoof Pokemon Go on PC?

The easiest way to play Pokemon Go on PC in 2020 is by using a reliable location spoofer like dr. fone – Virtual Location (iOS). There are different modes that the application supports to change your location or simulate your movement.

Can you play Pokemon Go on PC 2021?

Can You Still Play Pokemon GO on BlueStacks 2021? The answer is Yes! Being a fully-functional Android emulator for Windows, you can play Pokemon Go on Bluestacks without any hassle. All you have to do is install Bluestacks on your computer.

Can I use iSpoofer on PC?

To play Pokemon Go using iSpoofer for PC, just attach your phone to the system and change the location of your device. I have already provided a quick tutorial on how you can do the same above. Afterward, just disconnect your iPhone, launch Pokemon Go, and play the game – without changing your simulated location.

Is there any way to spoof Pokemon Go 2020?

Pokemon GO Spoofing on Android

We advise NordVPN, now 72% OFF. Download and install the VPN on your device. Go to the Google Play Store and download the Fake GPS Location app. … Turn on your VPN on your mobile device and choose a server in an area where you would like to play Pokémon GO.

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Does iSpoofer still work?

iSpoofer Shutting Down and Not Working

The iSpoofer team recently announced they were shutting down and will no longer provide support for their apps.

Does Pokemon go work on emulator?


You can load Pokémon Go for android using this tool and play the game just like you would on your Android mobile device. Bluestacks emulates the latest Android environment so you can play the latest Pokémon Go.

Will PGSharp get you banned?

Your account will not get banned when you use PGSharp to spoof Pokémon Go with little smartness.

Can I play Pokemon Go on BlueStacks 2020?

BlueStacks’ full customizable environment and support makes it the best choice for playing games on computer. When you have BlueStacks with you, you can install Pokemon Go in it and use the customize controls. The BlueStacks can be configured to work with Google Play account so that Pokemon Go can be easily accessed.

Is iSpoofer safe?

The program has been tested and proven a reliable and powerful tool to mock GPS location. This application allows users to teleport to any location of their choice with ease. The easy to use interface makes the process much more comfortable than you expected.

How do I spoof a location on my computer?

Manually change your location in Chrome

  1. In a browser window, hit Ctrl+Shift+I (for Windows) or Cmd+Option+I (for MacOS). …
  2. Hit Esc, then click the Console menu (three dots to the left of Console in the lower portion of the screen).
  3. Select Sensors and change the Geolocation dropdown to Custom location…
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Can you get banned for using a VPN on Pokemon Go?

Will Pokémon Go ban my account if I use a VPN? It shouldn’t, as long as you connect to a VPN before changing your device’s GPS location and starting the Pokémon Go app.

Can you trick Pokemon Go walking?

Your railroad probably moves at a pace that mimics a slow walk. If you put your phone on it, then you can trick the Pokemon Go game into thinking that you’re walking instead of it sitting on your model railroad.