Can you play Pokemon go on WiFi only?

Can you play Pokémon Go on a phone without service?

1 Answer. The short answer to the question that you asked is no. You can run Pokemon Go without any cellular data plan.

Why does Pokémon Go not work on Wi-Fi?

It is very likely that you may be connected to Wi-Fi but have no internet connection, such as if your router has an internet connectivity problem. Extreme case: Check that your internet provider does not block any websites/databases from where information is necessary, such as real-time data for Pokemon and Pokestops.

Does Pokémon Go work on treadmill?

Adventure sync uses steps tracked by your respective health app, but not other activity. This means it will track walking, light jogging/slow running, treadmill, maybe elliptical machines. … This means be sure to keep the phone in your pocket when you’re running on the treadmill!

Why won’t Pokemon go work with mobile data?

There is a little slider that says ‘Restrict app background data’. Make sure it is turned off for Pokemon Go, Google Play Store and Google Play Services. Make sure they are all turned off. In my personal experience, this solved the problem of not being able to log in without WiFi.

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Does Pokemon go only work outside?

Pokémon GO is designed to be played outdoors. It carries with it some of the risks of any outdoor activity including hiking, biking, or playing sports in a park. Users should always remain aware of their environment and avoid going into any inappropriate areas, or any area where they are not permitted to be.

Can you trick Pokemon Go walking?

Your railroad probably moves at a pace that mimics a slow walk. If you put your phone on it, then you can trick the Pokemon Go game into thinking that you’re walking instead of it sitting on your model railroad.

What is the 50k reward Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go players will receive one Egg for completing the 25km task, and one for reaching 50km. These Eggs have a unique Egg Pool and depending on how far you walk, you’ll be rewarded Special Eggs that have a high chance of hatching one of six Pokemon.