Can Normal Pokémon hurt ghost?

Can normal Pokémon hit ghost?

Ghost-type Pokémon can be hit by Normal- and Fighting-type moves! Ghost-type Pokémon can be hit by Normal- and Fighting-type moves.

Does normal hurt ghost?

“Normal type” attacks literally can’t hurt ghost type pokemon in the games.

What types don’t affect ghost?

Defense pros & cons

  • These types have no effect on Ghost Pokémon: Normal Fighting.
  • These types are not very effective against Ghost Pokémon: Poison Bug.
  • These types are super-effective against Ghost Pokémon: Ghost Dark.

Can Ghost type hit Fighting?

Fighting types can’t touch Ghost types, but Ghost types can touch Fighting types.

Is Ghost weak to fairy?

By that same token, ghost types are effective against psychic types, and dragon types are weak to fairy attacks.

Pokemon Type Chart.

Type Super Effective Against Weak To
Dragon Dragon Dragon, Fairy, Ice
Ghost Ghost, Psychic Dark, Ghost
Dark Ghost, Psychic Bug, Fairy, Fighting
Steel Fairy, Ice, Rock Fighting, Fire, Ground

What can beat ghost-type Pokémon?

Pokemon Go Type Chart: Strengths, Effectiveness, Weaknesses and Resistances explained

Type Strong Vs Weak Vs
Bug Grass, Psychic, Dark Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Fairy
Ghost Ghost, Psychic Dark
Steel Rock, Ice, Fairy Steel, Fire, Water, Electric
Fire Bug, Steel, Grass, Ice Rock, Fire, Water, Dragon

Are normal types immune to Ghost?

For instance, Ghost-type Pokémon are immune to Normal-type attacks and strong against Poison-type attacks, so a Pokémon using a Normal-type attack will do less damage than a Poison-type attack of the same strength.

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