Can I transfer my Pokémon save data to another Switch?

Can you transfer save data on the same Switch?

Save data can only be transferred between users that are linked to the same Nintendo Account. Both consoles must have system version 8.0. 0 or higher, must be connected to the internet and must be near each other.

How do I transfer Pokemon to another Switch?

What Do You Want to Do?

  1. In Pokémon GO, tap the Poké Ball icon, then select “Pokémon”.
  2. Tap the Nintendo Switch icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Tap the Pokémon you want to transfer, then “Send to Nintendo Switch”.
  4. Select “Yes” when asked if you want to transfer the Pokémon to your Nintendo Switch console.
  5. Select “OK”.

How do I transfer data from one Nintendo switch to another?

How to transfer user data

  1. Select System Settings from the Home screen on your Nintendo Switch.
  2. Select Users from the side menu.
  3. Select Transfer Your User Data.
  4. Select Next.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Select Source Console to identify that this is the device you’ll transfer data from.
  7. Select the account you want to transfer.

Can two switches use the same account?

You can link your Nintendo Account to multiple Nintendo Switch consoles and play your games on any of them using your Nintendo Account. … On the primary console, any other users can play the games you downloaded with your Nintendo Account. On non-primary consoles, only your Nintendo Account can access these games.

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Can two switches play one game?

If you have two switches for two kids, you will need to buy one game for each console if they want to play the game on their own console or one of them have to take his switch to college when school starts. … The one game you bought can be share between two consoles, take turns.

Do you need a separate Nintendo Account for each user?

Before you can change the Nintendo Account on your Nintendo Switch and add additional Nintendo Accounts, you’ll need separate user profiles for each account. … If you don’t already have a Nintendo Account, make sure to create a new Nintendo account first. If you already have a Nintendo Account, select Sign In and Link.

Does each switch user need an online account?

Nintendo Switch Online Limitations & Fine Print

For multiple Nintendo Accounts on the same console, you will need a Family Membership. You will be able to log into multiple Nintendo Switches with your Nintendo Switch account even without an Online Subscription.