Can I reset my Pokemon go?

How do you start over on Pokémon GO?

Click the icon on the top right with your photo and click “My Account.” On the left hand side, under “Sign-in & Security” click “Connected apps & sites.” Under “Apps connected to your account” click “Manage Apps.” Click Pokemon Go & hit remove.

How do I reset my Pokémon GO data?

Go to the Settings menu, select Advanced Settings, and tap Refresh Game Data.

How do I make a new Pokémon GO account?

To create a Pokémon Trainer Club account: Go to and select Join from the left-hand tab. Follow the instructions and fill out all required fields. Important: Please make sure to confirm the date of birth before clicking Continue, as it cannot be changed once an account is created.

How do I remove a Pokemon from my Google account?

Remove Full Access

  1. Make sure Pokemon Go is updated to the current version.
  2. Open Pokemon Go.
  3. Select Log Out from the Settings menu.
  4. Return to the Connected Apps page in your Google account settings.
  5. Select the Remove option for “Pokemon Go Release”.
  6. Select “OK” to remove the access.
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Does Pokémon GO delete old accounts?

Please keep in mind that all verified deletion requests are irreversible. All game data associated with your account will be completely and permanently deleted. To permanently delete your Pokémon GO account, please submit a request through our web-based Help Center and select “Delete My Account” from the dropdown menu.

How long does it take for a Pokémon GO account to be deleted?

Removal of data and deletion of account will take a few days or weeks to complete. Permanent deletion of the data and account is completely irreversible. You will not be able to use your previous e-mail ID to create a new account on Pokemon Go.

Why is my Pokémon GO account reset?

You may have inadvertently created another Pokémon GO account. This happens when you create a Pokémon GO account with one login method and later attempt to sign in with a different login method or email address.

What time does Pokémon GO daily reset?

The daily mission reset time in Pokemon Unite is 8:00 pm ET. It’s kind of a strange time if we’re being honest. Most games usually either pick U.S. midnight or noonish for ET or PT. Or some Japanese games elect to go with Japanese midnight which is normally around 11:00 am ET.

Why is my Pokémon GO GPS not working?

If you are receiving the “failed to detect location” error, there may be a setting called “mock locations” that is preventing you from playing Pokémon GO. To turn off this setting, visit Settings > System > Advanced > Developer options and make sure that “Select mock location app” is disabled.

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Can I have 2 Pokemon Go accounts on 1 phone?

But you can’t use multiple accounts using the same device. It is completely prohibited, and if you do so, Nintendo has the rights to ban you from the game. Nintendo has mentioned that owning 2 accounts is a form of cheating and against the rules of Pokémon Go. They encourage only to have 1 account per 1 player.

Can I delete my Pokemon Go account and start over?

Since you can’t reset your account, you’ll just have to delete it. Well, it’s not that simple. Deleting your in-game account takes a few steps, and even then it doesn’t register right away. You can’t do it within the app itself, either.

Should I make a second Pokemon Go account?

You can just sign out and sign in to your other account, but beware it is against the Pokemon Go Trainer guidelines posted by Niantic to have multiple accounts, since you will be playing on the same device there is a good chance that they may think you are going against this rule and playing on two accounts.

Why does Pokémon GO Keep making me log in?

The reason you have to keep entering the good ol’ username/password combo is because the (extremely overloaded and struggling) newborn servers went down, logging everyone out. Niantic has even slowed down on releasing the game in other countries while stabilization continues to plague users.

Can I unlink my Facebook from Pokémon GO?

Unlinking a login provider that is used for multiple Niantic games will unlink the login provider for all of those games. For example: if you’re unlinking a Facebook account from your Pokémon GO account, you will no longer be able to log into any other Niantic game with Facebook.

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Why can’t I get into my Pokémon GO account?

“Unable to Authenticate” and “Failed to Log in” Error Messages. … Check to ensure your mobile device has a strong network connection, or wait a short while, then try logging in again. If the issue persists, try closing and reopening the Pokémon GO app.