Can a Leafeon breed with Eevee?

Can I breed a Leafeon?

1 Answer. Ditto is the best option. If that doesnt work you can use any Pokemon in this egg group Here as long as they are Male.

Can you breed an Eeveelution?

One way to speed it up is to breed them, which can be done with regular Eevees but also special evolution Eevees you find in the Wild Area. For example, a Glaceon and Flareon will produce the egg for a regular Eevee. … Depending on the weather and time of day, you’ll find an Eevee evolution nearby.

What egg group is Leafeon in?

Leafeon (Pokémon)

Leafeon Verdant Pokémon リーフィア Leafia #470 Images on the Bulbagarden Archives
Type Grass Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Gender ratio Unknown 87.5% male, 12.5% female Catch rate 45 (11.9%)
Breeding Egg Group Field Hatch time 8995 – 9251 steps

Can Eevee breed with Pikachu?

Evolve it into a Pikachu, then breed it with a female Eevee. You should get an Eevee that knows Wish, which it doesn’t usually learn by leveling up or by TM.

What egg group is Eevee in?

Japanese Promos

No. Name Other Egg Groups
#111 Rhyhorn Monster
#112 Rhydon Monster
#128 Tauros No Other Egg Groups
#133 Eevee No Other Egg Groups
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What species is Leafeon?

Can you breed an Eeveelution with Ditto?

Although it should be noted that this version cannot be evolved and so you’ll need to catch a Ditto and breed them to create one that can be. Eevee has eight different evolutions: Vaporean, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Sylveon.

Can umbreon breed with Ditto?

they should be able to breed, the only time two pokemon dont breed is when when there not in the same egg group, Ditto is in the ditto egg group, and umbreon is in the Field Group, so technically they should be able to breed without a hitch.

Is Sylveon a boy or girl?

Sylveon (ニンフィア) is the 85th Pokémon in the Kalos Coastal Pokédex. It is a Fairy-Type, and is known as the Intertwining Pokémon.


Sylveon ニンフィア
Gender Ratio
Male: 87.5% Female: 12.5%
Evolves From Evolves Into
Eevee None

Can I breed a blaziken?

Yes. You can breed Ditto with anything, except Baby Pokemon, Pokemon in the Undiscovered Egg Group, and another Ditto. selected Jan 31, 2017 by !