Best answer: What regions does Pokémon Revolution Online have?

What region is Pokémon Revolution Online?

Kanto is one of the mainland regions that is currently playable in Pokémon Revolution Online. It is unified to the same mainland continent as Johto, encompassing the eastern segment of it.


Successional Order 1
Starting Town Pallet Town
Pokémon League Indigo Plateau
Indigenous Pokémon Generation I

How many regions are there in Pokémon Revolution Online?

There are 4 major regions currently in-game: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, as well as many unique custom-made areas to venture freely in. Test yourself by becoming a regional Champion and obtaining different Legendary and Mythical Pokemon hiding within the PRO universe.

What region is PokeMMO?

PokeMMO on Twitter: “We have Kanto, Hoenn, Unova, and Sinnoh regions you should come check us out.

Is Pokemon Revolution Online p2w?

No. This game is NOT pay to win.

Does Pokemon Revolution Online have viruses?

First of all, you don’t have to worry about that there is virus in your computer. It’s a false alert. In order to fix the issue, you have to add an exception for the client in your Firewall and Antivirus which is different for every Antivirus programm. You can also disable your Antivirus which isn’t recommended.

Can you play Pokemon Revolution Iphone?

There is no iOS download option on our Download page, since iOS devices do not support our client. There is the option for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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What is the biggest region in Pokémon?

Kalos boasts the largest regional Pokédex within the Pokémon world. First introduced in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, the Kalos region was inspired by France. Professor Sycamore offers new Trainers in this region a choice of Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie as their first partner Pokémon.