Best answer: What is the best fire type Pokemon in Emerald except blaziken?

What fire types can I catch in Emerald?

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Hoenn # Name Type I
#103 Slugma Fire
#104 Magcargo Fire
#105 Torkoal Fire
#153 Vulpix Fire

Do you need a fire Pokemon in Emerald?

You don’t need a Fire type for the E4. The only pokes most Fire types stand a chance against are the weak grass/dark types Sydney owns. IMO, the only good Fire type in Emerald is Blaziken.

Who is stronger blaziken or Charizard?

Both are offensive Pokemon, but Blaziken has better attack stats (on both sides of the spectrum) while Charizard has better speed. Of course, their Dream World abilities offset this by giving Charizard a power boost in the sunlight (via Solar Power) and Blaziken a speed boost with the aptly named…

Is Camerupt good in emerald?

My Camerupt in Emerald Was Amazing. This was its moveset: Earthquake: Not Bad Attack. Overheat: All your other moves are physical, so the SA Drop don’t matter too much.

Is Magcargo good in emerald?

Magcargo is very slow and has a lot of weaknesses, so opponents will often outspeed and defeat it before it has a chance to attack. It’s probably the worst fire type in the game. Don’t use it.

Is arcanine better than Charizard?

When evolved into Arcanine, Arcanine’s overall base stats beat Charizard’s by an average of 22 points. … Without Mega Evolution or Gigantamaxing, Arcanine is a more valuable fighter at its core.

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Is arcanine better than Centiskorch?

With the White Smoke ability, Centiskorch is a great counter to Arcanine and other Intimidate users. It can also have the Flame Body ability, an added extra for those who will be breeding a lot of eggs for the perfect IV Pokémon for the upcoming World Championship.

Who is better Cinderace or blaziken?

Cinderace largely outclasses Blaziken due to Libero, superior coverage, and a more immediate Speed stat. The only things Blaziken has over Cinderace are Swords Dance and Speed Boost (which does allow it to serve as a soft check to Cinderace itself).