Best answer: Is Dragonite a good Pokémon?

Is Dragonite a good Pokemon?

One of the strongest Dragon-type Pokémon available. Dragonite is one of the most popular Pokémon in Pokémon Go. The Dragon and Flying-type Pokémon is powerful and can be used both as an attacker or a defender.

Is Dragonite the strongest Pokemon?


Dragonite is a bonafide member of the Most Powerful Pokémon. Why? Because this massive Flying Dragon Pokémon is capable of actually flying at over 1,500 mph while being over 7” and 460 pounds.

Is dragonite stronger than Mewtwo?

A level 30 Dragonite with 22568 CP defeats a level 30 Mewtwo with 24696 CP in this battle simulation. … The defending Mewtwo was using Unknown as its quick and Unknown as its special move.

Why is dragonite banned?

9 Banned: Dragonite

As reported over on Screen Rant, though, it has often been banned from tournament play. This is simply because competitive play usually revolves around level 50 Pokémon, and Dragonair doesn’t evolve until level 55.

Is dragonite a rare Pokemon?

Dragonite is very rare in the wild, typically living near the sea. Some claim that there is an island somewhere in the ocean that only Dragonite inhabit.

Who is stronger Garchomp or salamence?

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Although it really does depend on what you are looking for in your team; Salamence is more of a tank than a sweeper, and Garchomp is more of a sweeper than a tank. Overall, I’d choose Salamence, as it has better stats, a good movepool, and lots of pontential.

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