Are weather boosted Pokemon better IV?

Does weather boost affect IVs?

According to our research, Pokemon that are boosted during specific weather conditions receive a guaranteed IV set, below which the Pokemon can’t spawn. Similar to Raid Bosses and Eggs, we expect that a minimum guaranteed set of weather IVs will be 10, 10, 10 or slightly lower.

Is it better to catch weather boosted Pokémon?

Catching Pokémon with Weather Boosts

Certain Pokémon will appear more frequently in weather conditions that correspond to their type. For example, you’re more likely to see a Water-type Pokémon, like Squirtle or Magikarp, during rainfall. These Pokémon also tend to have higher CP and perform better in battle.

Is weather boosted harder to catch?

Just be aware that during matching weather conditions, weather-boosted Pokémon can be more difficult to catch than usual. The extra challenge in catching these boosted Pokémon will prove worth it, though, as these Pokémon tend to perform better in battle.

Can you make your Pokémon’s IV better?

The only way to increase the IVs of an individual Pokemon is to first complete the game’s main story and unlock the Battle Tower. If you have an item called a Bottle Cap or a Gold Bottle Cap, you will be able to exchange it to increase your Pokemon’s IVs through Hyper Training.

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Which Pokémon has weather boost?

Pokemon GO Weather Boosts Explained

Weather: Pokemon Type:
Rainy Water Electric Bug
Snow Ice Steal
Sunny Grass Fire Ground
Windy Flying Dragon Psychic

Are weather boosted raid bosses harder to beat?

Raid bosses are also affected by weather, so can be harder to beat if their moves are boosted. Conversely, you might catch a higher-level Pokémon from the raid if you beat the boss.

Does weather boost affect PvP?

Weather boosts don’t apply to PvP.

Does weather boost affect evolution?

When you capture a Pokemon that has a weather boost, you’ll receive more Stardust! This is a great way to farm more Stardust to power up or evolve your Pokemon.